Kiwanis - Serving the Children of the World
Marion Metro
Serving the Children of the World

For the past three years Marion Metro Kiwanis has worked hard to put on a great event for Marion.  Last year was a big success.  This year we dealt with a little weather.  The sky was threatening for most of the day but we didn't get rained out until the last half hour.  Those that attended enjoyed great food and great music.

The 2013 paid to trail improvements being done by the parks department in 2014 and beyond.

Below are some pictures of the event.

  Our first band was the Cedar Island Band.  They are a Jimmy Buffet cover band and a crowd favorite.
They got the crowd involved.
And the entertainment wasn't limited to music.  Where else are you going to see a limbo while playing the guitar?
  All the food is purchased with tickets.  1 ticket is $1.  Customers purchase the tickets from us and then pay for their food with them. You can purchase tickets in front of the depot or from our members in the blue aprons walking around the park.
  The vendors are all award winning Kansas City BBQ Association members and they have the hardware to prove it.
These guys are out there the night before preparing your food.  The smells are fantastic.  THIS IS WHAT YOU CAME FOR.  There's nothing like slow cooked BBQ and these guys are the best.
 Our club sells soda and water for tickets.  Stop by the depot when you're thirsty. Dairy Queen is also in the depot selling ice cream.  Tastes great with the BBQ.  HyVee will also be there selling non-BBQ items just in case someone in your group (kids) doesn't care for BBQ.
  Admission is FREE.  Bring a chair and bring your friends.
Great fun for the kids and parents.
Dairy Queen joins us each year so the kids can have ice cream.  Even our Kiwanis members can have a little ice cream when they aren't working.
The Kettel House provided some great sweets also.
Face painting for the kids was also very popular.
  Our new balloon guy did a great job for us this year.
How do you keep track of 6 kids at once.  Greenies knows.
  The Janeys played the second set into the evening.  They are a rocking blues band and also a crowd favorite.
We invite you to come out and enjoy the food, music, and good times.  Just make sure to get a good night's sleep before.  Too much fun can be exhausting.  Hope to see you there.